A short introduction to…Transylvania !

All about Transylvania, the cultural treasure of Europe – tradition, legend and heavenly beaty, all in a unique place !

There’s much more about Transylvania than Stoker’s vampire – count. Instead of such vampires or spooky graveyards, you’ll find a wonderful land and people, plus much other pleasent surprises.

The premedieval and medieval fortified castles and churches represent the foundation stone of a charming, almost unearthly world which you’ll find so difficult to leave at the end of this amazing trip !

It’s like traveling in time, in a forgotten age of history that chronicles and documentaries hadn’t yet mention. But you won’t be needing any of these, once you step into the magnificent land of real Transylvania !

Find out more about the ancient castles you’ll be able to see on your wonderful trip




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Meet Bulgaria ! Sofia, a city you must visit

To begin visiting Sofia, you should take a walk on the Vitosha boulevard. After you relax and have a coffe at one of the cozy taverns, it would surely worh visiting the gardens around the Palace of Culture: yet, another moment for relaxation and contemplation wthin the beautiful capital of Bulgaria.

Now, that we have relaxed and sensed the parfume of the Oriental Europe, let’s find out a few things about Bulgaria’s history: the country has been separated from the Byzantine Empire twice, and once and forever from the Ottoman Empire. The struggle for independence of the Bulgarians has a very interesting history, the two most important heroes who fought to death for this great goal being Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev. You will surely find out more about them and all the history of Bulgaria by visiting the museums and monuments in Sofia.

Bulgaria’s capital has been inhabited since 7000 years, especially by Thracians and Romans, its Thracian name being Sardica.After the Romans had conquered the city, the made it the capital of the provence Mediterranean Dacia ( the Dacians were related with the Thracians, the first being the ancestors of the Romanians, the northern neighbours of Bulgaria ).

Well, I hope I got enough curiosity and will from you to put Sofia and Bulgaria on your next vacation plans, because you will surely  be thrilled to discover an amazing history and a modern, cultural country with a great sense of value and civilization !